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Four Tips for Living the Snowbird Lifestyle

Four Tips for Living the Snowbird Lifestyle You’ve been dreaming of this day since your former co-worker down the hall retired and started posting their winter photos online. Only these photos weren’t of the snow that needed to be shoveled. These photos were of pristine white-sand beaches and feet in flip flops. You’re dreaming of the day you can live the snowbird lifestyle, too. Seasonal migration offers a change of scenery and weather. However, transitioning to the snowbird lifestyle takes planning and research. It’s a small price to pay for a lifestyle that leads to new friends from around the country and world and discovering new destinations. Before you start packing, consider these tips for embarking on the snowbird lifestyle.

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1. Cost. Cost is at the top of most snowbirds’ list of concerns. Budgeting to spend one to six months in a snowbird vacation rental while keeping your full-time residence can be scary. However, keep in mind you likely won’t need as much space as you do in your full-time residence that may be near family and friends. For the months you’ll be traveling, consider downsizing. While your full-time home may be a four bedroom, two bathroom house, your snowbird home may only need one bedroom. If family will be visiting, two bedrooms should be sufficient. While you’re living the snowbird lifestyle, put as many utilities as possible on hold, this can include satellite and internet services.

2. Mail. Make arrangements for your mail with a friend or family member for the duration of your trip. If your snowbird trip will be as long as six months, consider opening a post office box in the city you’ll be living and forward your mail. Transition bills to online payments or even set up auto pay.

3. Pets. Not every snowbird rental is pet friendly. Do your diligence when searching for your home-away-from-home and make sure your beloved fur child can travel with you.

4. Medical Care. Bring a file with your full medical records with you. Research doctors before you leave. Most cities have walk-in clinics or urgent care centers, but having a dedicated family doctor can bring you peace of mind. If you’ll choose the same snowbird destination each year, you can also build trusted relationships with your “seasonal” doctor. To find the best in snowbird rentals, visit, a trusted source with vacation rentals across the U.S., as well as Mexico and the Caribbean.