Looking for a winter holiday destination the whole family can enjoy? Here's where to go and why you should consider a monthly vacation rental.

7 Reasons to Book a Monthly Vacation Rental for Your Winter Holidays

Escape the cold this year to a winter holiday destination the whole family will enjoy. Instead of watching it snow for the third week in a row and peeling wet socks off the kids, you could watch the sunset over the turquoise waters of Mexico or explore the shops and restaurants in Galveston. But if hectic holiday travel is a barrier, why not extend your stay instead and pick your favorite warm-weather destination in Florida, the Gulf Shore, desert towns of Arizona, and beyond? 

Whether you’re looking for ideas for winter holiday destinations or just want to gather as a family this season, it’s time to leave behind the cold and start a new tradition. Here are seven reasons why you should book a monthly vacation rental this season.

1) Monthly Vacation Rentals are More Affordable 

If you love to travel from cold destinations to warm winter holiday destinations, you’re probably known as a “snowbird.” Unfortunately, the price tag of short term stays for snowbirds at condos on the beach can leave you feeling breathless. 

Add a monthly vacation rental to your list of winter holiday destination ideas and save big. Depending on the location, you could spend roughly the same amount on a monthly vacation rental as you would for a two or three-week waterfront condo. Remember to factor in the savings of cooking at your monthly vacation rental, doing laundry, and just relaxing under the stars with a glass of wine. Meanwhile, short-term accommodations often lack the amenities you really need on vacation.

2) Kids Have a Long Break From School

Remember your last winter break? You were probably ready to send the kids back to school after week one and ran out of ideas by day ten. It’s time to plan a real escape. Parents with remote careers and kids out of school can set-up shop from a monthly vacation rental. Make a plan to carve out time to get work done while kids play at the property’s pool. Older kids can trek down to the beach or find kids in the condo complex to play with.

Grandparents can also take the lead and book a monthly vacation rental in their dream destination. Spend a week or two in the sunshine before adult children, and little ones arrive for a winter holiday to remember. Instead of the family sitting around and watching television or fighting the crowds at area museums, you’re on the beach soaking up the sun and playing along the shore.

3) You Get an “Only on Vacation” Experience

Winter holiday destinations are full of unique opportunities that you just won’t get anywhere else. Book a monthly vacation rental in areas like Key Largo, Cedar Key, Fort Myers, Destin, and beyond to see annual boat parades illuminating the water.

There’s also plenty of warm-weather fun on New Year’s Eve like watching the beach ball drop in Panama City Beach. The city even hosts an early evening hour drop for young kids who want to experience the magic for themselves.


4) Your Family Enjoys More Room to Spread Out

Even the closest-knit families need room to spread out, especially when multiple generations of travelers are involved. Booking a monthly vacation rental reduces the holiday drama to a minimum and keeps the focus on balanced togetherness. 

More space also means more time together. Small accommodations require getting out and rushing through attractions or finding something to do where no one is really talking. Monthly vacation rentals let you really soak up family time without the stress. Fire up the grill to cook-out, play games, take a bike ride along the Gulf, and watch the kids play outdoors for an intimate holiday experience. 

5) You Can Bring Your Pet

Hotels and short-term condos don’t always allow for large pets or multiple furry friends. The nature of travel and being on the road also makes it difficult to take your pets with you for a quick getaway. 

Book a pet-friendly vacation rental with plenty of room for dogs to play in the yard, take walks to a nearby dog park, and explore the beach alongside you. Monthly vacation rentals also save a bundle on the cost of boarding, dog walkers, and pet sitters during the busy holiday season.


6) You Can Slow Down and Still Explore

 Rushing through a few days of vacation over the holidays can sour your experience. Monthly vacation rentals allow you to slow down and take your time exploring your new home away from home. Book a tour to see the ruins or attractions around Mexico, take a hike in Arizona, arrange for a kayaking adventure in Florida, or explore the shopping and restaurants in Galveston. 

Wherever your choice of winter holiday destinations, make it meaningful. Take your time with your family and relaxing in the sun, and then explore to make new memories together.

7) You Establish a New Home Away from Home

Imagine never worrying about choosing a winter holiday destination again. Start a new tradition this year by returning to the same monthly vacation rental every holiday season. And if you like adventure and exploring, make it a new tradition to try new places as a family and discover your favorite home away from home. 

Your time is precious and vacation days are scarce. Why waste it on stress, quick travel, and experiences that don’t nurture family time? Make the most of your winter holiday destination from a monthly vacation rental and see how it transforms your vacation. You might just come back refreshed and ready to tackle the new year.